Join us in the JV Insider Circle, and you will learn to:

  • Leverage Other People's Communities to Rapidly Build a BIG List of Pre-Sold Prospects for Your Coaching Programs and Products
  • Create an Instant Rush of High Paying Clients On Demand, Anytime You Want
  • Spread Your Message Like Wildfire by Instantly Plugging Into the Tribes, Audiences, and Communities Others Have Spent Years Building (Potentially Millions of Ideal Prospects Hungry for Your Expertise)

Join the JV Insider Circle and Start Connecting with JV Partners Today!

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Hear What Our Members Have to Say

My very first joint venture partner had an email list of over 10,000 people
If you make just one decision to kick start your business, it's this one. Going it alone is a very expensive and ridiculous path to take, and far more costly than your investment to join.

Crystal Rose Bertolacci

Communications Teacher

“I added over 4,200 people to my list”
I added over 4,200 people to my list and connected with 45 great JV partners in just one month using Rich's specific techniques that you'll learn in the JV Insider Circle.

Ryan A. Harris

Marketing and Copywriting Coach

“I have added 1000 to my list so far!
My giveaway event just started and I have already added 1000 to my list! I have assembled a great group of partners and a have attracted the attention of other big JV players in my arena. Thanks for all your wisdom and guidance.

Amy Shoen

Motivated to Marry

We're Breaking the Mold for How Joint Ventures Are Done!

checkmarkJV's are no longer reserved for the elite few with HUGE lists. We've leveled the playing field and made it easy for anyone to set-up lucrative deals (NO list required)!

checkmarkNo more cold calling and rejection. We bring deals to you on a platter with a "done for you" joint venture network of highly interested JV partners and software that matches you up with ideal partners automatically.

checkmarkGet deals done fast and effortlessly. We've created a simplified approach to joint ventures based on our experience putting together 100's of successful deals. Then we built a community around it. We've put all the levers in place for easily finding the perfect deals and partners, rapidly building trust, and executing deals for maximum profit.

The JV Insider Circle:
Your Personal Network of Ideal JV Partners
Eager to Do Deals With You

JV People

Plug In, Get Deals, Get Subscribers and Clients

Talk to anyone who has done joint ventures the old way, and you'll find out that it can take years to build up your personal network of go-to joint venture partners that are willing to do deals with you.

You had to spend hours painstakingly searching for ideal partners, make 100's of cold calls, face relentless rejection, and spend an enormous amount of time vetting potential partners (and being vetted by them).

Now with your membership in the JV Insider Circle, you get to skip all that frustration, rejection, and long hours of hard work. Because we've built your network of partners for you. All you have to do is show up and start putting together profitable deals!

And as a member of the JV Insider Circle, you're not just getting access to a ready-made community of JV-minded coaches, speakers, and authors – you're also getting a set of tools, support, and a proven joint venture marketing system that makes rapidly setting up lucrative JV deals a truly "done for you" process.

More Member Success Stories

Within the first 60 days of joining the JV Insider Circle, I made back my investment with just one joint venture connection. Since being in the program I have had major partners support me. All are doing solo promotions for me and one of the partners has a list of 60,000 subscribers, so that's massive exposure!

Fia-Lynn Crandall

Fearless Faith

I'm blissfully excited about this community. You have already over-delivered on everything you've promised, and I don't hand out compliments lightly. Thank you again for everything that you are bringing to us. I highly recommend the program!



Find Your Joy Spot

JVIC has truly been one of the best investments I've made as far as getting into the coaching industry. The people who are involved in the program are super helpful, the guarantee is fantastic, the coaching is great and the resources are phenomenal! It will really help you take your business to the next level!

Paul Howard

Tactical Success Coach

As a Member You Get Access to an Amazing JV Community, World-Class Training, and Powerful Coaching and Support

Here's what you get when you join us:

checkmarkAccess to the world's largest (and rapidly growing) community of coaches, speakers, authors, and entrepreneurs who are focused on doing one thing: helping grow each other's lists and sell each other's products and programs through FUN, HIGHLY PROFITABLE joint venture partnerships!

checkmarkAccess to a "done for you" JV marketplace. No more tirelessly researching ideal partners. No more cold calling to get their attention, no more complicated, drawn out "getting to know you" process. ALL the hard work has been done for you, so you can focus on connecting with your ideal partners, figuring out the best ways to collaborate, building a BIG list of hot prospects!

checkmarkAutomatic "JV alerts" sent straight to your inbox when a new member joins that matches your "ideal JV partner" criteria. We hunt down and bring perfect JV partners to YOU, all you need is reach out to them and watch your business grow!

checkmarkMonthly members-only training calls with advanced JV strategies for extracting maximum profits from every deal, interviews with industry leaders and top JV partners, and LIVE coaching to guide you through the nitty-gritty details of profitable joint venturing.

checkmarkAn opportunity to pitch your joint venture to the entire group! This alone is worth thousands of dollars, because you get to recruit JV partners and get your product or program in front of MANY people you wouldn't be able to reach in any other way! The value of a SINGLE joint venture can be worth thousands of dollars to you, and we're literally giving you multiple opportunities to connect and partner with people who are ALREADY looking for joint venture partners.

checkmarkAccess to a private JV Insider Circle Facebook group where you'll have a chance to connect, collaborate, and brainstorm with other members on joint venture deals and beyond! The people in this community are already looking for JV partners, so they're open to your ideas and partnering with you – no begging, no intimidation, no games ... they are ready to joint venture with the right partners!

Join us and you'll be doing JV partnerships in no time!

We've cracked the code for doing Joint Ventures that are highly successful. In fact, they are the main method we've used to grow our business to 7 figures. Now we want to show you exactly what we do to create that kind of success. And how you can do it too.

The JV Insider Circle Program consists of THREE main components: Training, Community, and Support.

Training: We focus on getting you ready to do joint ventures with our JV Mastery training and coaching, our Product Creation Clinic, and ongoing monthly training calls with exciting guests and our top JV partners who share their success strategies!

Community: As a Member of the JV Insider Circle, you will have access to our JV Partner Database where you will find hundreds of potential JV partners. You will also become a member of our extremely active, private Facebook group – where you will find unlimited support from your fellow members. Your membership also includes a FREE ticket to our annual live event: The JV Experience Live!

Support: Our main objective is YOUR success! We will support you all year long with monthly Members-Only calls, Monthly Tech Support calls, Monthly Copy calls, and other valuable bonuses and resources found in our Private Members Area.

More Member Testimonials

As a result of joining JV Insider Circle, I created two signature programs, The Spine Coach and Energized Entrepreneur, and I have several JVIC people supporting my upcoming launch. It's something that I would not have been able to do by myself. If you have a bigger vision and you want to play a bigger game, JVIC is for you.

Dr. Alan Chong

The Spine Coach

I implemented your suggestion about how to contact big partners, well one BIG NAME partner phoned me personally early this morning saying she LOVED it and was VERY impressed. She eagerly say "Yes!" THANK YOU! Your teachings are proof that it works if YOU work it!


Sylvia Coleman

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

JV Insider Circle training is among the BEST in the industry. It helped us create a product far better than we ever could have without your expert guidance! JV Insider Circle gave us a step by step roadmap taking us from point zero to our very first product launch. This was by far the best investment we've ever made.

Kenneth Svejkovsky

Seminars at Sea

Join the JV Insider Circle and Start Connecting with JV Partners Today!

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Join other new members of the JV Insider Circle in an in depth, interactive, mastery level training on exactly how to set-up joint venture deals. Find out how to create a flood of new clients, subscribers, and customers into your business on demand anytime you want.

This will be a step-by-step, nitty-gritty deep dive into the secrets of getting MASSIVE results from joint ventures. You'll discover how to fully leverage your membership in the JV Insider Circle so you can get the most deals done, in the least amount of time, with the least amount of effort and resistance. And with other members participating in the training, everyone in the community will be on the same page – you won't have to waste time convincing, explaining, or feeling like a slimy salesman because your prospective partner doesn't "get it." Everyone will know the easiest, most direct way to set-up deals with each other. Which means setting up winning joint ventures will finally be a true "no brainer" for everyone!

This $2000 training alone is going to be worth the investment in this program.


Phase 1 is all about gaining CLARITY and creating your foundation for success. In this first phase of the JV Mastery Training, you will:

  • Get Clarity on Your Niche
  • Be Clear on the Specific Problem You Solve for People
  • Create Your Signature Program

During Phase 1 you will also participate in our BONUS TRAINING: PRODUCT CREATION CLINIC. This training alone is a $2000 value. Details below.


Once you have a program you want to make sure it's a winner. You want to make sure there's a demand for it – you want proof of concept. Once you know that people want it and that it delivers the result promised, you will be totally excited to find JV partners and really get your message out in a huge way. Phase 2 topics include:

  • Pilot Testing your Program
  • Promotional Materials for JV Partners
  • Figuring Out What Works and What Doesn't


In this phase you are now what we call JV READY. This means you've got all the pieces in place and are ready to CRUSH IT! Here are the simple components of what it means to be "JV Ready":

  • You've got a hot program that the public needs and partners want to promote
  • You've got email copy a partner can send to their list promoting your free training
  • You've got a simple opt in page that people enter their email on – this is how you build your list!
  • You've got a content-rich free training where you offer your program
  • You've got an automated tracking system in place to track everything


Once you're JV ready, you shift into the advanced levels. This is where all your work really starts to pay off! In the momentum phase, now you have partners promoting you, lots of them. In this phase you are truly getting known as partners who are already working with the exact audience you want to speaking to are telling them about YOU. In Phase 4:

  • You are Buiding Your List, Getting Clients, Selling Your Programs
  • We Will Teach You About Different Types of JV Partners
  • You'll Learn How to Approach JV Partners
  • You'll be Known and Recognized as a Leader in Your Niche


At the mastery level, the top players in your niche happily promote you. They happily send you hundreds if not thousands of opt-ins. Their top clients sign up for your programs. You also promote them to your list, meaning you start earning big commissions just my sending some emails out. Mastery is the ultimate goal. Mastery level topics include:

  • Learning From Your First Product Launch
  • Promoting Others and Managing Your Promotionl Schedule
  • Becoming Known as a Trusted Expert
  • Continual Relationship Building

BONUS: "Product Creation Clinic" Virtual Bootcamp

Get our feedback and coaching on your product, ideas, and materials:

  • Get extreme clarity on your exact niche and product offer
  • Come up with a MILLION DOLLAR idea that everyone will jump to promote
  • Get priceless feedback and coaching on your programs, products and materials
  • Learn to position, package, and price your product so JV partners can't resist you

VALUE: $2000 – Included with your Membership

BONUS: The JV Experience Live Event

Come meet other members of the JV Insider Circle in person at our live event in September. It's not a typical seminar-style or a networking event, where you try to figure out the best way to approach someone about a JV. You will literally walk into a room full of speakers, coaches, and authors who are ready to joint venture with you.

You will connect with potential new partners face to face, and develop your own JV support network, which can turn into hundreds of thousands of dollars or more over the next few years for you.

This hands-on workshop brings our awesome community of JV-minded speakers, coaches, and authors into the real world. It will provide you with the perfect environment to solidify your relationships with current JV partners, connect with potential new partners face to face, and develop lasting bonds that will be the basis for millions of dollars worth of joint venture deals in the years to come!

VALUE: $1000 – Included with your Membership

This is Your Chance

The last thing I want to say is this – the world needs what only YOU can deliver. We sincerely hope the JV Insider Circle can help you bring more of your message and your special expertise to a larger audience. Being successful at doing joint ventures is an invaluable skill you'll use for the rest of your business life. We're here to help you and there's a community of support available for you. Now it's up to you - to powerfully DECIDE that you will finally have the skills that will help you serve more of the people you're here to help. Don't stay the "best kept secret" in your industry. We can help you share your genius with the world.

Join the JV Insider Circle today! I look forward to getting to know you better and to working together. Thank you!

Rich German
Rich German, JV Insider Circle

Have any questions? Drop us a line via email at or call 844-THE-JVIC (843-5842)

More Member Testimonials

I've been to literally hundreds of conference events over the years, but JVX was THE best one to date because of the people. To meet others just as passionate as you in wanting to help others, to look for win-win situations, to have genuine and authentic people helping find solutions to your problems, to feel the energy explode is life-changing.

Ronnie Tsunami

The Tiki Techie

I love love love this community! You have such a gift for bringing together the most supportive and brilliant entrepreneurs in a way that everyone can succeed. Participating in the JV Shark Attack at JVX was an amazing opportunity that has changed everything for me! This was the most brilliant investment I've ever made in my business!!


Tammy Lane

Facebook Faucet

Before attending the JVX event I wondered whether it made sense for me to be there. Because of the people I met there, my company will make well over $1 million this year. It changed my business, it changed my life. If you are even hesitating about joining JVIC, do it. You will meet people who will be able to help your business grow!

Sydney Tremayne

Founder of Wealthy Investor


A One-Year Membership in the JV Insider Circle,which includes:

checkmarkAccess to the Database of Potential JV Partners and Monthly Members-Only Group Calls ($8500 value)

checkmarkJV Mastery Training - multiple tracks, customized for your level ($2000 value)

checkmarkProduct Creation Clinic Virtual Bootcamp ($2000 value)

checkmarkAccess to the Private JVIC Facebook Group (priceless)

checkmarkMonthly "Tech Made Easy" Calls ($1500 value)

checkmarkMonthly Copy Critique and Mastery Calls ($1500 value)

checkmarkA FREE Ticket to The JV Experience Live Event ($1000 value)

checkmarkFull Day Group Mastermind with Rich - Full Pay Bonus ($2000 value)



Join the JV Insider Circle and Start Connecting with JV Partners Today!

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Frequently Asked Questions


You get a full year-long membership in the JV Insider Circle, which includes access to our database of potential JV partners, monthly member-only calls with JV "pitchfests," access to our private JVIC Facebook group, monthly technology calls, monthly copywriting calls, JV Mastery training, Product Creation Clinic, and a ticket to the JV Experience live event


You can either pay in full ($1997) or use our easy payment plan of 12 monthly installments of $197. You can also choose to pay with PayPal and if eligible, take advantage of no payments and no interest for 6 months.


After your first year, your renewal rate is just $37 per month with full access to all of our resources, training, and community. Renewal is on a month-to-month basis and you can cancel any time. But we want to make it easy for you to stay!


Your year-long membership comes with a 10X Guarantee. Our intention is that by fully implementing everything you learn from us, you will earn back 10 times your initial investment or more. We offer this because we are extremely confident in our methods and know that if and when you use our strategies, connect with other members, attend our live event, use our bonuses, and attend all of our training calls, that you will succeed.

We hold you accountable for that implementation, via phase assessments that must be completed beore advancing the next training phase. It is your responsibility to complete these assessments honestly. We also expect that you will fully utilize all of our training resources, attend our monthly member calls and if at all possible, attend our live event.

Also, it is your responsibility to reach out to us at any time if you are having challenges. We are here to support you and working together, we are confident you will achieve great success. Any claims against this guarantee must be submitted within 30 days of the end of your first year of membership.

All of the above criteria need to be met to be considered for the 10X Guarantee. No refunds will be given prior to one year. You have made a commitment to yourself and your business for the year-long membership within JVIC, and this investment is for the whole year. This process can take time. And we have made a commitment to you as well to continue to support you throughout your membership. If you decide to cancel before your first year of membership is up, you are liable for the balance of the payments of that term.


You can start right away! We have a live orientation on May 4th. But as soon as you join, you can create a login to our Members Area and take our initial assessment. This will determine whether you should start on Track One or Track Two. So depending on how advanced you are, the training is customized for you. From there you can progress at whatever rate you are comfortable with. Along the way there will be opportunities to interact with Rich and get all your questions answered.


All of our calls are recorded and posted inside our Members Area.

Still have questions? Email us: – or call us at 844-THE-JVIC (844-843-5842)